Friend's transplant inspires support for Big Bike Ride (St. Paul's Hospital)

One good reason to fundraise and participate in the Heart & Stroke Foundation's Big Bike Ride is because a person's family and friends have been affected by heart disease, heart failure or stroke but when it's all three it becomes a triple threat that inspires action.

Laverne Weyman, who works in administration at the local Sears store, has been involved in the Heart & Stroke Big Bike Ride for 15 years. This year, Weyman will ride with one of the people who has spurred her into action all these years, her long-time friend Tom Stewart. 

Stewart grew up feeling like he struggled more than others when it came to playing, running and doing what most kids did growing up. It's suspected that his heart was damaged when he contracted rheumatic fever but he just learned to live with it and led a normal life until 1996, at 44 years, when a routine doctor's visit immediately sent him from Prince George to St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver for open heart surgery to have a valve replaced.

Christine Hinzmann reports

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