Fewer women than men finish rehab after heart attack, study finds (Dr. Karin Humphries)

Women who have heart attacks are less likely to complete a rehabilitation program than men — 64 per cent compared to 69 per cent — concludes a study in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology Wednesday.

That means women, shown in previous research to get slower diagnosis and treatment after a major heart attack, also aren’t making the best recoveries, says an accompanying editorial by Vancouver cardiologist Dr. Tara Sedlak and Karin Humphries, scientific director of the B.C. Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health. 

“Women are less likely to participate at all, to show up for the first cardiac rehab session, that’s well known. What this research adds is even if they do participate, they don’t finish the entire schedule,” says Humphries.

Erin Ellis reports

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