Year in Review: Physicians Select the Most Important News of 2015, in Interventional Cardiology and Beyond

The past 12 months have seen new drugs and devices approved, while others were passed over or sent back for further testing. TCTMD journalists asked a range of experts in interventional medicine and in cardiology more broadly about what developments shook the field in 2015 or, at the very least, caused some tremors.

Both John Webb, MD, of St Paul’s Hospital (Vancouver, Canada) and Alain Cribier, MD, University of Rouen (France) highlighted the use of TAVR in lower-risk patients, “even though the US and EU guidelines still limit the indication to nonoperable or high-surgical–risk patients,” Cribier said. “All recent data suggest better outcome with TAVR in lower-risk patients, equivalent to surgery in propensity matching.”

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