90-90-90 Endorsed by Canadian Government (Part Two: Julio Montaner Speaks Out)

Bob Leahy: I wanted to talk to you about the government’s 90-90-90 statement on World Aids Day. It was very interesting that few picked on up on it.  What’s your observation about why it didn’t get out properly?

Julio Montaner: There is no way I can answer that question  - - but let me go back a little bit further. As you know, I’ve been trying to get national attention to 90-90-90 and the need for Canada to take an ownership role, given that this is largely based on our work. In that context when it came time to go to the United Nations in September, I sent a letter to each one of the leaders of the parties – this was during the elections – and I explained the whole thing and argued that Canada needed to take a positive stance towards 90-90-90 and I was hoping that I would have the support of the government to lobby for an End To AIDS as a sustainable development goal, and the 90-90-90 strategy as part of that. The Harper government did not engage. I talked to the bureaucracy at the time and basically was told that they would not oppose me but they could not support me.

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