Canadian Researchers Receive Over $750,000 to Further HIV and AIDS Discover

Today the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) announced their grant allocations for HIV and AIDS research that will help us better understand the virus and work to ultimately end AIDS. As the largest charitable funder of HIV research in Canada, CANFAR is providing $765,000 to fund innovative Canadian studies that are impacting the lives of Canadians and millions of people globally. The past 30 years have seen incredible research advancements, and now is the time for Canadians to support and push forward in hopes of creating an AIDS-free future.

CANFAR funding is a direct result of Canadian generosity and all funds raised support Canadian research. Donations will sustain pioneering investigations - from remediating cognitive impairment in older people living with HIV - to understanding issues affecting infant feeding - and discovering the impacts of HIV on fetal development.

“This year's donations will bring new momentum to Canadian research, sand fund innovative studies across development and treatment,” said Dr. Stanley Read, Chair of CANFAR Scientific Advisory Committee. “We've selected new projects that reflect the need to understand both the impact of HIV on the body, and the effects of HIV medications.”

Digital Journal reports.

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