Specialist says diabetes tracking would help Yukoners (Dr. Adeera Levin, St. Paul's Hospital)

Yukon residents would benefit from a system to determine how many people have diabetes, according to Dr. Adeera Levin, a nephrologist at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver who treats patients with chronic kidney disease, one of the serious complications from diabetes.

The territory does not have an accurate gauge of the prevalence of diabetes, but Levin says it should not be difficult to do in a jurisdiction with a small population like Yukon. She says a system that tracks prescription drugs would let officials know how many people are taking medication related to the disease.

“If there's a way to tell in the Yukon, how many people are receiving glucose lowering drugs, whether it's insulin or things that you take by mouth, that would give you a pretty good idea,” Levin says.

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