Searching for PROOF of person-specific prevention and care (Prevention of Organ Failure Centre of Excellence)

We are all too aware of the immense global burden of heart, lung and kidney failure, and the challenges they pose to communities, health systems, care providers, and patients and families. The impact of ischemic heart disease alone outstrips all other socioeconomic burdens in health, while not including diseases of the valves, cardiomyopathies, and developmental abnormalities. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, third in the world as a cause of death, is now second in the U.S. Other common conditions like asthma, pneumonias and various forms of environmental lung disease still plague people of our planet. The epidemic of dysmetabolism and obesity that now enwraps almost all societies is associated with a progressive frequency of renal disease and failure. Old-age associated dementias, ischemic brain diseases and cognitive impairment evoke fear for patients and great concern by architects of health care for the emerging 21st century.

The PROOF Centre of Excellence resides at the eye of the storm in enabling a new era of laboratory medicine that supports better care for the many patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Bruce M. McManus reports

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