Vancouver to pay $1M to re-open temp housing for people with mental illness (St. Paul's Hospital)

One hundred temporary homes for people with mental illness disappeared from the Bosman Hotel in Downtown South when federal and provincial funding dried up last fall.

But with a $1-million grant approved by Vancouver city council on Wednesday, the housing at 1060 Howe St. will be able to re-open its doors to homeless and low-income tenants for five more years. It could potentially come on stream before the March homeless count that will evaluate the mayor’s goal of ending street homelessness by 2015.

When the funding wasn’t renewed last fall, the owner initially planned to develop the site. It instead leased the building to Community Builders Group to re-open the affordable housing with monthly rents between $375 and $600. Six of the beds will go to patients ready to be discharged from nearby St. Paul’s Hospital.

Emily Jackson reports

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