B.C. woman starts crowdfunding campaign to receive eating disorder treatment (St. Paul's Hospital)

A 21-year-old B.C. woman is pleading to receive treatment for her severe battle with anorexia.

Jennifer Doucette, a mom who has been struggling with an eating disorder since age 17, has not been able to find local treatment for her illness without a lengthy waiting list, and in a desperate attempt to save her life, has started a Go Fund Me campaign to send her to a private facility in Manitoba.

There are only three government-funded inpatient treatment centres for eating disorders in B.C., one of which is run by BC Children’s Hospital and only available to children and adolescents. St. Paul’s Hospital operates an adult program and is the provincial referral program, however, they have only seven beds. The Looking Glass Residence, under Pacific Health Services Authority, operates out of the old Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver and has 14 beds for patients ages 17 to 24, though they are hoping to increase this to 20 beds in the next 14 months.

Jill Slattery reports

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