St. Paul's Lights of Hope fireworks show

On November 27, thousands of Vancouverites and tourists will gather around Burrard Street to experience the annual fireworks display at the St. Paul’s Hospital in Downtown Vancouver. Since 1998, St. Paul’s has illuminated the streets with a breathtaking display of Christmas lights for their Christmas-time Lights of Hope charity initiative.

The display has grown into a community celebration and has raised significant sums of money to purchase equipment and provide better care for its patients. Last year alone, the charity raised $2.4 million dollars. Company’s and individuals who make the largest donations are recognized by having their names printed on the the back-lit stars that scale the building and illuminate the streets.

The Lights of Hope display consists of over 10 kilometres of string lights and over 100,000 bulbs, all of which have been donated by the community. Because they are using LED bulbs, the magnificent display only costs $65 a night to operate.

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