Why the United Nations is adopting Canadian scientist’s HIV strategy (Dr. Julio Montaner)

Make sure 90 per cent of people infected with HIV are tested, get 90 per cent of that group on regular treatment and have 90 per cent stay on the therapy to keep their viral loads undetectable.

It’s an ambitious strategy—dubbed the 90-90-90—but it’s incredibly promising: The made-in-Canada plan has been formally adopted by the United Nations as the global authority’s strategy in its fight against HIV/AIDS.

“The AIDS epidemic as we know it will be on its knees. We would turn a raging global pandemic into a sporadic endemic disease. There may be cases emerging here or there but for the most part, the notion of a war against AIDS and the devastation of a whole generation of HIV/AIDS victims would be a thing of the past,” Dr. Julio Montaner, the creator of the 90-90-90 plan, said.

He’s also director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and has spent decades studying the disease.

Carmen Chai reports

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