BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS revolutionizing healthcare with personalized medicine

Imagine a world where every physician will be able to compare, in a keystroke, their diagnosis with the data of thousands of other patients with the same symptoms and demographic and lifestyle makeup. Our access to information today is unprecedented. We have smartphones with us everywhere we go and we can search anything online in a second. In the health care industry however, a comparable access to information doesn’t exist. The fact that we can’t search any medical information immediately, the same way we use Google in our daily lives, means doctors and physicians are being held back from providing the highest level of care.

The health care industry is evolving, however. The changes are not sudden and spectacular, but steady and evolutionary in nature. We’re seeing a slow transition take place towards a more connected health care system. Most recently, the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV /AIDs announced that it is pioneering new technology to treat patients with immediate and personalized care. This is the first initiative of its kind in Canada. Once the technology is installed, the Centre will be able to quickly identify a patient’s unique strain of the virus by rapidly analyzing massive amounts of data, and provide a treatment that is personalized to the patient. This means that patient care is greatly improved as treatment is provided quickly, which in turn can help lower health care costs.

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