St. Paul’s Hospital aims to “Change the Labels” of mental illness

The Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital is launching a campaign, called Change the Labels, to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness and help patients and their families access the resources they need.

“People may talk about physical illnesses, but they are often reluctant to speak about mental illnesses  - however the reality is mental illness affects a large number of people in our community,” says Jenn Duff, program director of Mental Health at St. Paul’s. “We want to change the labels for mental illness so that the community will see our patients the way we do – as people, rather than as illnesses.”

Through the Change the Labels campaign, the Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital aims to spread awareness about how mental illness can affect anyone, and to help individuals learn more about mental illness and the care available to them.

To support these goals, the Mental Health Program has launched a new website. The website includes a guided virtual tour to help patients understand their journey through the hospital, as well as detailed information about mental health programs and research at St. Paul’s and stories about the people affected by mental illnesses.

The Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital provides a range of coordinated emergency, inpatient, outpatient, specialized diagnostic and treatment services and provincial services for people with serious mental illnesses, including those with addictions.

Visit the Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital website and learn more about the Change the Labels campaign at