Staff at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Earn Kudos for Professionalism

Re: Conditions during my hospital stays horrified me, Letters, Feb. 25

I was shocked to read the condemnation of Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. Our experience was diametrically opposed to Megan Balmer's. My aunt was a patient in an acute ward for 10 days. I spent much time there and saw efficient and compassionate nursing care. The nurses, student nurses and aides introduced themselves each day and took the time to update me on my aunt's condition. When I left a message that I'd like to speak to the doctor, I received a call within hours. The social worker made contact early on, and again, I was impressed by the care expressed for my aged aunt.

I saw professionals committed to cleanliness. Hands were washed, disinfected and gloved with regularity. Our health care professionals work in an increasingly difficult environment. Inadequate staffing, increasing work loads, constant criticism and abusive patients are only a small part of what they face daily. Read full story