Making excellent care for acute heart failure patients a priority through innovation and research

Seven years ago, Andrea Marrie unexpectedly became a heart transplant candidate when she was found teetering at the precipice of end stage heart failure. A healthy and vivacious young woman who was just twenty-two years old, nobody anticipated Andrea to go from experiencing flu-like symptoms to being in a state of cardiogenic shock in a span of twenty-four hours.

While she lay unconscious on a hospital bed with only a heart and lung machine standing between her and death, the cardiac team at St. Paul’s Hospital quickly assessed Andrea for a heart transplant. Because a donor heart wasn’t available, Dr. Anson Cheung, a cardiovascular surgeon at St. Paul’s Hospital, wasted no time and implanted a left  ventricular assist device (LVAD) in Andrea. The implanted mechanical pump would help her weakened heart to circulate blood throughout her body, keeping her alive until a heart transplant was possible. Read full story here