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Referring Patients

In order to refer a patient to one of the general surgeons at St. Paul's Hospital, please fax a referral form with relevant information to our offices as follows:

Dr. Carl J. Brown (604) 806-9604
Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin (604) 806-9604
Dr. Adrienne Melck (604) 568-6214
Dr. P. Terry Phang (604) 806-9604
Dr. Manoj J. Raval (604) 806-9604
Dr. Tracy Scott (604) 687-5969
Dr. Sam Wiseman(604) 806-9957

All patients who wish to see a general surgeon at St. Paul's Hospital will need a referral from a physician. All relevant background information should be sent with the referral (including reports from any CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, colonoscopy and relevant consultations).