Take Your Kid to Work Day- November 2, 2016


Providence Health Care is excited to be participating in this year’s “Take Our Kids to Work Day”.   The annual program allows Grade 9 students to be excused from school in order to shadow their parents/legal guardians.  The program helps support students with career development, allows students to get exposed to various fields of work and most importantly allows parents to help mentor and bond with their children. 

This year we will be doing things a little differently at Providence Health Care.  If you plan on bringing your child to work, please take a selfie with your child and send it over to recruitment@providencehealth.bc.ca.  We will be posting pictures on Facebook and Twitter to highlight this event.  If you send pictures over to us, you will be entered in a draw to win a gift card!

Take Our Kids to Work™ (TOKW) has three main objectives

  • To offer students a view of the work world, and to give them an understanding of its demands and opportunities.
  • To allow students to see their parents or legal guardians in different roles and responsibilities and to understand what they do to support a family.
  • To emphasize that education goes beyond the classroom and that the preparation of younger generations for the future is a community responsibility.

 Who is eligible?

  • All Grade 9 students who have a parent or legal guardian that is an employee of Providence Health Care (PHC). As of March 2007, job shadowing a physician is not allowed at all as per the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. (https://www.cpsbc.ca/cps/physician_resources/publicaations/resource?manu…
  • As to where students can go to and do, this is up to the Department/Unit/Program Operations Leader. 

 Planning TOKW Day

  • Discuss the day with your leader/supervisor, particularly regarding the impact the visit may have on your workload, patients, and colleagues. 
  • As the parent/legal guardian, you must complete the Take Our Kids to Work™ Memorandum of Understanding – Waiver and Release of Responsibility. By signing this form, you accept total responsibility for the supervision and safety of your child/charge. 
  • This program is not a BC Ministry of Education or School District sponsored event. There is no third party liability coverage or WCB coverage by either the Ministry of Education or School District for this experience, nor is PHC responsible for any loss, injury, or damage, including property loss or damage which your child/charge may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the program. 
  • Get written permission from the Department/Unit/Program Leader to bring your child/charge to work by submitting the Take Our Kids to Work™ Memorandum of Understanding –for authorization. Certain areas of work are not appropriate locations for this event. The leader has the authority to refuse this permission if she/he feels it is inappropriate. (See the ‘Guidelines for Job Shadowing & Student Observers document CPF1200-Students Policy.) 
  • Ensure that the child’s basic immunizations are up-to-date and that you carry a copy of this immunization on the day of the visit 
  • Discuss confidentiality and privacy issues with your child. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement 
  • And attach to the Waiver and Release of Responsibility form. 
  • Discuss what your child should wear. Dress must be appropriate – no ball caps, shorts, inappropriate t-shirts, etc. 
  • Discuss what your child would like to see and learn about. 
  • Organize some minor assignments. 

Some Ground Rules 

  • Students may not bring friends or neighbours with them – you may only bring one student to work and you must be that student’s parent or legal guardian. 
  • Students must remain under parent/legal guardian supervision all day. Students are not allowed to wander through the facility unaccompanied. Any student found unaccompanied in an authorized staff-only area may be asked to leave the facility immediately. 
  • Students must wear identification at all times that state their name and that they are a “Grade 9 Student” and must carry their student ID cards with them. 
  • PHC will not supply scrub suits or laboratory jackets except in exceptional circumstances, e.g. where the student is accessing the Operating Room or needing to protect clothing. 
  • This experience is strictly an “observation only” experience. Students are not to engage in any work-related activities. 
  • Students cannot participate in direct patient care of any kind. 
  • Students may observe patients in a direct care or service area only with the full knowledge, consent and cooperation of the individual and according to the ‘Guidelines for Job Shadowing & Student Observers’. Parents/Guardians should consider appropriateness. 

On the Day 

  • Provide your child with a general orientation to your department, including a review of confidentiality policies and safety procedures, and a tour of the facility. 
  • Introduce your co-workers. 
  • Explain the organization’s structure and where you fit in. Describe your job and what qualifications you needed. 
  • Assign the tasks that you prepared. 
  • Encourage your child to ask lots of questions. 
  • Provide time at the end of the day for your child to describe the experience. 
  • If there are sufficient numbers, and the site is prepared, it may be possible for students to gain other organized experiences or tours. 

Questions You May be Asked 

  • What do you enjoy about your job? 
  • What does your job involve? 
  • What kind of experience/education is required for your job? 
  • Why did you choose this kind of work? 
  • What new skills are you learning? 
  • How much could I earn in this kind of job? 
  • What would you change about your job if you could? 
  • What other jobs could you get with your experience and education? 
  • What advice can you give me about preparing for my future? 

After the Day 

  • Have your child share the experience with the family. 
  • Encourage your child to send a “thank you” note to the leader/staff. 

If you would like to participate in this year's “Take Our Kids to Work Day” please complete the following: 

  • Check with your leader to ensure that your department will be participating 
  • CLICK HERE to complete the Take Our Kids to Work Day Memorandum of Understanding Waiver and Release of Responsibility form
  • Submit the signed Waiver and Release form to your supervisor.