Cindy Taylor - Rehab Assistant, St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni

Written by Marianne Dupre

When Cindy’s friend suggested she apply for a job as an activity aide back in the early 1980’s, she discovered a genuine calling to work with seniors.

Cindy has worked with elders in different care facilities including George Derby Centre, the Geriatric Hospital Program at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and is currently a rehab assistant at St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni.  Always striving to improve the lives of residents, Cindy’s days are varied and full with plans for activities to engage residents in everyday life in residence.  Among some of the activities, she runs a regular coffee discussion group with those who enjoy hearing the news items read out loud from the local newspaper, and regular exercise sessions, including the popular walking program.

In addition to responsibilities for 4th floor residents at the site, Cindy also plans a full calendar of bus outings for residents of Brock Fahrni, Mount Saint Joseph and Youville Residence, ensuring there are ample opportunities for meaningful, enjoyable trips to destinations around the city.

Her compassionate, gentle approach with residents hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Brock Fahrni team. Recognizing her as a true role model, her teammates recently “nominated” her an “angel” in honour of Tapestry Foundation’s 25th anniversary Angel Campaign.  

How did you get started at Providence Health Care?

While I got my start at George Derby Centre, I’ve worked with elders at Providence Health Care for 29 years. I didn’t know there was such a job as a rehab assistant.  I just fell into the job, and after 33 years I still love it.

What makes you successful working with residents?
I always think about how I’d want my parents treated in a care facility, and treat residents with the same care I’d want for my own family.

Everyone has their own unique approach with residents; what works for me may not necessarily work for someone else. It’s important to know how each resident will respond. Joking might work with one while a more gentle approach works better with another.

What’s your favourite part of your job:

I like when residents give me feedback on what they want to do; I want them to have choice. I enjoy making them smile and being happy during the activities we do. For instance, they love it when we bake. I also like working with my teammates, and staff from different disciplines. Everyone I work with at Brock Fahrni is like second family.

What do you like to do in your spare time:

I enjoy reading and traveling with my family. My current read is Pure, and more recently Games of Thrones. My favourite books are from the Clan of the Cave Bear series. 


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