Video Multi Media Producer

Work Area: 
Media Services Centre
Base Site: 
St Paul's Hospital
Regular Full Time
Job Category: 
Support Services


Reporting to the Supervisor, Multi-Media Producer, Media Services Centre or designate, the position is responsible for the development and production of multi-media programs, including preparing written proposals, researching and writing scripts, field production and post production and television broadcast production. Operates up to four (4) different technology video-teleconferencing systems. Develops and implements educational and training resources for hospital departments by consulting with departments to determine needs, preparing related proposals, budgets and work plans, contracting with outside services and supervising designated staff to ensure timely and appropriate production of these resources. Determines the need for and appropriateness of new technologies by acquiring, evaluating and implementing them.


Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
Ability to deal with others effectively.
Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.
Ability to write programs in a variety of programming languages.
Ability to organize work.
Ability to supervise.
Ability to operate related equipment.


Graduation from a recognized degree or diploma in a related discipline plus two (2) years’ video/multimedia experience, or an equivalent combination education, training, and experience.


Produces video and multimedia resources in support of education and training initiatives within PHC and external affiliated organizations by consulting with clients to clarify their needs, budget and timeframe and providing advice regarding the best creative approach and best application of technology to meet their needs. Prepares related budgets and timelines; researches material and makes recommendations on instructional design techniques; and prepares written proposals and writes scripts. Where relevant, the position drafts design approaches for interactive multimedia resources and presentations. Supervises all production phases including writing, shooting, editing, and final delivery of production performed by PHC and contract staff.

Operates and is responsible for a variety of videoconference systems which includes scheduling, programming of bookings, operation of equipment including, standard and HD TV cameras, broadcasting networks over copper and fiber, video switchers, audio boards and other associated hardware and software.

Provides day-to-day work direction designated staff involved in production by scheduling and coordinating work, determining training needs, and providing coaching and guidance.

Sources, evaluates, negotiates and contracts with external organizations for contract workers such as writers, on-screen talent, editors, and other production personnel as well as outside companies for the provision of production services.

Develops, implements and evaluates the distribution of hospital produced educational and instructional resources. Contracts with outside media distribution companies for distribution and revenue sharing arrangements. Where appropriate, supervises the development and maintenance of PHC’s own distribution methods including hospital websites, mailing lists, conferences and other means of distribution.