Cognitive Testing Interviewer

Work Area: 
Patient Satisfaction
Base Site: 
St Paul's Hospital
Job Category: 
Support Services
Acute Care Hospital
Mental Health

This position will report to the Project Coordinator for the Mental Health and Substance Use Patient Survey. We are looking for someone who is open to casual/part time work on an ongoing basis for the duration of the project (3-6 months). There will be flexible hours and scheduling that are dependent on the availability of the interview participants.

The BC Office of Patient-Centred Measurement (OPCM) is collaborating with the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction to implement a provincially-coordinated survey to solicit feedback from patients/clients about their experiences of care within the Mental Health and Substance Use Sector. In developing a survey tool, new survey questions must be tested to ensure the questions ask about topics that are important (matter) to patients/client.

Questions must be clear, understandable and interpreted in the way that was intended. Adjustments to survey questions are made throughout the testing process to improve the quality of the survey items prior to bringing the survey to the field.

Job Summary:  The Project Employee will conduct structured one-on-one cognitive interviews with subjects who are representative of the target population(s) for the MHSU Patient Survey. The interviewer will follow a Cognitive Testing Interview Guide.

The interviewer must record responses and report observations to the Project Coordinator in the form of written and oral reports.Responsibilities:

-          Attend 1-day mandatory training session (April/May)

-          Conduct in-person or phone one-on-one interviews with subjects in a manner that is consistent with the guiding principles of the BC OPCM, which means:

    o   Providing a safe and engaging environment for the participants to respond to survey questions and probing questions provided by interviewerso   Accurately documenting responses from participants to survey questions and transcribing their comments 
    o   Following the Cognitive Testing Interview Guide appropriately-          Report (in written and oral form) observations made during each cognitive interview to Project Coordinator, including recommendations for question revisions when applicable


Skills and Qualifications:

- A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred; students in the following programs would also be considered: Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, or other related health disciplines.

-          Demonstrated experience working with people in a healthcare or other setting OR has lived experience using mental health or substance use services

-          Strong communication skills

-          Proficient in English; ability to speak other languages may be an asset

-          Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a member of a team

** A second language would be considered an asset