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Specific Surgeries

Cardiac Anesthesia

Cardiac anesthesia is provided in our hospital by specially trained anesthesiologist with a special interest in providing anesthesia to patients for cardiac surgery. We provide anesthesia for coronary artery bypass, valve repair and replacement surgery, heart transplantation and insertion of mechanical heart assist devices.

We will also provide trans-esophageal echocardiography (TEE) in the operating room in order to help guide both the surgery and anesthesia to ensure you are getting the best results and interventions. We are at your side supporting and monitoring your heart, lungs and vital body systems throughout your time from the moment you come into the operating room to the time you leave the cardiac surgery ICU (CSICU).

While you will be seen in the pre-admission clinic by an anesthesiologist before your surgery, they may not be the anesthesiologist to provide your care on the day of surgery. On the day of surgery you will be attended to by your anesthesiologist who will introduce themselves and answer any questions still left unanswered if any.

You will have an intravenous placed and also a small catheter placed in your artery in order to ensure the best monitoring possible for the induction of your anesthesia. Once you are asleep you will have a breathing tube placed in your lungs, a catheter placed in your neck to monitor pressures in the heart and deliver medications and a probe will be placed in your esophagus to perform TEE monitoring.

After surgery you will be taken to the CSICU where we will ensure you are safe and stabilized until it is safe to remove your breathing tube and wake you up. This process takes on average 10-24 hours and you will remain in the CSICU from 24-48 hours on average.

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