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Death of dementia patient stirs Belgium euthanasia fears

A disputed case of euthanasia in Belgium, involving the death of a dementia patient who never formally asked to die, has again raised concerns about weak oversight in a country with some of the world's most liberal euthanasia laws.

UNBC Part Of BC Supercluster

It's another feather in UNBC's cap. It is part of a “supercluster” that will get access to $950 million in federal funding, which will be matched by industry. Specifically, UNBC is part of the “Digital Technology Supercluster,” one of five across the country focusing on different research.

Winning B.C.-led supercluster bid to create thousands of B.C. jobs, says Province

British Columbia’s innovation ecosystem received a huge boost today with the selection of a B.C.-based digital supercluster consortium to share a portion of $950 million in federal innovation funding, announced Jobs, Trade and Technology Minister Bruce Ralston.

AIs, oceans and proteins: Ottawa announces winners of $950 million 'supercluster' competition

The Trudeau government has unveiled the winners of a competition to form technology “superclusters” — a title that will guarantee the victors a piece of up to $950 million in federal funding.

Something has to change, says mother of overdose victim (St. Paul's Hospital)

Squamish family says legislation should allow parents to have their children at risk held in care against their will

Challenging the status quo to improve heart health in First Nations Communities (Jeff Reading, St. Paul's Hospital)

Appointed two years ago as the inaugural First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Chair in Heart Health and Wellness at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Jeff Reading has led several major research and education initiatives to improve the well-being of First Nations communities.

Risk of fatal car crash on 4/20 is 12% higher than a normal day: study (CHEOS)

Fatal car crashes were up 12 per cent on the evening of 4/20 – the day marijuana users head out to get high on Parliament Hill and other public places.

4/20 doubles risks of fatal road accidents: UBC study (CHEOS)

As legislators draft Canada’s laws to legalize marijuana, a UBC researcher is encouraging them to pay special attention to the rules around consuming marijuana and driving.

How opioid vending machines could fix Vancouver’s drug crisis (Crosstown Clinic)

Overdoses killed 1,422 people in B.C. last year. For one doctor the solution is to “offer people the opportunity to get drugs that won’t kill them.”

Controversial program gives 'prescription' heroin to users to shoot up (Dr. Scott MacDonald, Crosstown Clinic)

Safe-injection sites are not new. But health professionals in Vancouver, B.C. are taking it to a new level and actually providing 'prescription' heroin.

Fatal crashes more likely during annual 4/20 cannabis celebration: study (CHEOS)

Drivers across the United States are significantly more likely to be in a fatal car crash in the hours immediately after annual 4/20 cannabis celebrations, according to a new UBC study of 25 years of official data.

Fatal accidents see 'dramatic' spike after 4/20 celebrations, UBC analysis finds (CHEOS)

The risk of a fatal accident among young drivers spikes by 38 per cent in the hours after 4/20 celebrations, according to new research from UBC and the University of Toronto.

Fatal Car Crashes Happen More Often Than Usual on 4/20, Study Finds (CHEOS)

April 20 is known as a popular “4/20” holiday for marijuana enthusiasts, but researchers argue that the festivities may have serious consequences, including an increased risk of fatal traffic crashes.

At the heart of Canada’s fentanyl crisis, extreme efforts that U.S. cities may follow (Dr. Scott MacDonald, Crosstown Clinic)

Beneath a blue tarp that blocks out a gray sky, Jordanna Coleman inhales the smoke from a heated mixture of heroin and methamphetamine, sucking the addictive vapor deep into her lungs.

Coroner's inquest into fatal shooting of mentally ill man returns with 29 recommendations

A coroner's jury has released 29 recommendations from the inquest into the 2014 police shooting of a mentally ill man in Vancouver.

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