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Plea during lean times from St. Paul's clothing depot leads to outpouring of support (SPH)

St. Paul’s Hospital’s emergency department had to discharge a male patient back to the street in just his stocking feet on one unfortunate occasion last week because its depot of donated clothing had become so depleted.

PhD research sheds light on aging with HIV (BC-CfE)

Growing up in Nigeria, SFU alumnus Oghenowede (Ede) Eyawo dreamed of working in a profession where he could improve people’s health—a dream he has realized now that he is graduating with a PhD from SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

Heritage advocates visit Fairmont Training Academy, Chinatown, and Gastown on tour of endangered sites (SPH)

On Saturday (June 9), members of Heritage Vancouver went on a bus tour around Vancouver to see the group's annual Top 10 list of endangered historic sites in the city.

Local reaction pouring in over the death of Anthony Bourdain (Dr. Harpreet Chauhan)

Just days after new Kate Spade committed suicide, another Hollywood star has lost his battle with mental health. Nadia Stewart looks back at the career of Anthony Bourdain, and how locals are remembering him.

Shock in Vancouver over Bourdain's death (Dr. Harpreet Chauhan)

CTV News coverage on Vancouver's shock over Anthony Bourdain's death. 

Another side of opioid crisis: Stigma affecting palliative care patients accessing fentanyl (Dr. Romayne Gallagher)

Fentanyl has been blamed for thousands of lives lost in B.C. alone, but there's an unintended consequence of public awareness of the issue.

Homeless in Vancouver: The etiquette of checking a street person for signs of life

The steady rise of homelessness in Vancouver over the last 20 years has gone a long way to desensitizing us to the sight of it, but most of us still worry for the people who we see sitting and laying unconscious in public places.

24-hour transplant patients re-visited (Dr. Anson Cheung)

Global News checks in on the patients who took part in an amazing three heart transplants in 24 hours, two years after the remarkable feat. Aaron McArthur reports.Today’s Global News Hour at 6 Health Matters is brought to you by Pharmasave.

A Transformation in Elder Care

The Vancouver Courier reports on elder care initiatives at Providence Health Care.

Tragic suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain bring attention to increased rate of suicide (Dr. Harpreet Chauhan)

The recent high profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have many people discussing the issue of depression and suicide.

Kamloops on track for record-high overdose deaths (VCH)

Five more people died from an illicit-drug overdose in the city in April, bringing the total to 17 for the year — and continuing a trend that could see a record number of deaths this year.

Poll: recreational pot (BCCSU)

Doctors and researchers are telling Canadian politicians there is little evidence that legalized marijuana poses a threat to public health and safety.

Huge East Vancouver development seen at odds with Grandview-Woodland community plan (VCH)

The size of a proposed East Vancouver development is raising questions about the value of community plans.

Pot’s potential to treat opioid addiction the focus of new UBC professorship (Dr. Evan Wood & BCCSU)

VANCOUVER—The first professorship in Canada aimed specifically at researching the role cannabis can play in addressing the overdose crisis is being created at the University of British Columbia.

Legal pot isn't a threat to public health or safety, doctors tell Senate (BCCSU)

VANCOUVER — There's little evidence that legalized marijuana poses a threat to public health and safety, and there may be benefits, says a new study from Canadian doctors and researchers.

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