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Money Underpins Drop in Kidney Donations Among Men and the Poor (Dr. Jagbir Gill)

Your wallet takes a hit when you donate a kidney to save someone's life.

Latest in addiction help, already working in Maple Ridge (Dr. Evan Wood)

The fight against opioid addiction and overdoses in places such as Maple Ridge is being copied Canadawide.

Stop the Violence B.C. could be revived to push for drug legalization in response to the fentanyl crisis (Dr. Evan Wood)

In the early 2010s, a group called Stop the Violence B.C. responded to an increase in gang violence across Metro Vancouver with a campaign to legalize and regulate cannabis.

B.C. Transplant eyes more organ donations from euthanasia patients

B.C. residents opting for medically assisted deaths by lethal injection can also consider giving their organs and tissue to those on transplant waiting lists. But so far, there’s little awareness and, hence, just a few cases in the past year.

CTV News interviews Dr. Adeera Levin about gender disparity in kidney transplantation

CTV News interviews Dr. Adeera Levin about gender disparity in kidney transplantation.

Doctors develop national opioid guidelines (Dr. Evan Wood)

A network of doctors has developed a new Canadian guideline for managing opioid use disorder, including a recommendation of which replacement medication should first be used to treat those addicted to the powerful narcotics.

B.C. doctors look to fight opioids with lessons learned from AIDS crisis (Rolando Barrios, BC-Cfe)

The opioid epidemic has proven to be one of the most trying public health problems since the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Dementia villages offer secured freedom to aging B.C. patients (Jo-Ann Tait)

As you walk through the village grounds, kids are playing on the small field while being supervised by daycare staff.

Breakfast Television reports on planned Dementia Village (Jo-Ann Tait)

Breakfast Television reports on planned Dementia Village.

B.C. opioid programs used for national guidelines (Dr. Evan Wood)

The strategies B.C. has been using since last year now form the foundation of a new national strategy for dealing with the opioid overdose crisis. 

Opioid addiction should be treated with prescribed medication when possible, new Canadian guideline says (Dr. Evan Wood)

Family doctors and emergency physicians should treat opioid addiction with prescribed medication whenever possible, instead of referring patients to short-term detox centres with no follow-up care, according to a new Canadian guideline released Monday that addiction specialists say will help curb deaths from the opioid epidemic.

Treat opioid addiction as a chronic disease, says B.C. addictions expert (Dr. Evan Wood)

A lack of long-term care for drug overdose victims is hampering B.C.’s fight against the opioid overdose epidemic that claimed 1,400 lives last year alone.

COLUMN: MAiD controversy at Delta Hospice

ML Burke writes that medical assistance in dying should be an option at hospices in Delta

Planned Dementia Village in Vancouver to emphasize 'quality of life' (Jo-Ann Tait)

There’s still a few years to go before it could open, but plans for a new Dementia Village in Vancouver could see people of all means living with dementia live a better quality of life if and when it’s built.

Good hospital food?

Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health say they’ve made changes in their food system, and now have a 95 per cent satisfaction rate. 

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