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One of the supercluster consortia shortlisted in the Canadian government’s supercluster initiative has released the full details of its final application.

Daily Poll: Should faith-based hospitals that receive government funding be required to provide assisted dying? (St. Paul's Hospital)

The debate over whether faith-based hospitals that are tax-payer funded should be allowed to opt out of assisted dying practices has been reignited. 

Renewed discussion over assisted dying amid dispute at faith-based sites (St. Paul's Hospital)

Two incidents in British Columbia have renewed a debate about whether faith-based health institutions that receive public funding should be allowed to opt out of offering medical assistance in dying.

Emergency experts set on improving dismal odds of survival in highrises (St. Paul's Hospital)

Tony Fagan died precisely the same way his mom did many years earlier: from cardiac arrest after doing laps in a swimming pool. Both were rushed to St. Paul’s Hospital, except Fagan was successfully resuscitated by paramedics within three minutes of his heart stopping.

Patient’s botched transfer renews calls for assisted dying in all publicly funded health-care facilities (St. Paul's Hospital)

A publicly funded Catholic health-care network in British Columbia apologized last spring to a secular hospital after it mismanaged part of the transfer of a frail man seeking a physician-assisted death, documents show.

Governments should fund birth control, as they do HIV prevention (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Sixty-one per cent of Canadian women have had an unintended pregnancy, notes a study by Canada's Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Government policy is to blame.

Back on Track gala celebrates Odd Squad’s 20 years of helping at-risk youth (St. Paul's Foundation)

Social columnist Fred Lee announces the total raised by St. Paul's Foundation's Lights of Hope campaign this year.

Assisted dying in religious facilities means tough choices for families (St. Paul's Hospital)

On the night that 83-year-old Barry Hyman was to receive a doctor-assisted death, his daughters were on edge, petrified that at any moment someone would burst through the door and stop them from granting their father his final wish.

Jewish care home accuses doctor of 'sneaking in and killing someone' (St. Paul's Hospital)

A faith-based nursing home has filed a complaint against a medical-assistance-in-dying doctor, accusing her of “sneaking in and killing someone” at the Orthodox Jewish home against the centre’s policy.

Facing the challenges of spinal cord injury (St. Paul's Hospital)

Brayden Methot can lift 10-pound weights with his right arm and ride a handbike thanks to several surgeries and a strong determination to rebuild his strength.

5 Changes You Can Make Toward A Healthier You (Emily Zamora, St. Paul's Hospital)

Breakfast Television interviews St. Paul's Hospital dietician Emily Zamora about small, healthy changes you can make to achieve your healthy new year’s goals.

Diabetes in people with HIV over 50 overwhelmingly linked to old antiretrovirals, not age or body weight (St. Paul's Hospital)

People with HIV over the age of 50 are more likely to have developed type 2 diabetes if they started antiretroviral treatment before 1999 or had a longer exposure to older antiretroviral drugs such as stavudine (d4T) or first-generation protease inhibitors such as nelfinavir or indinavir, according to a study of people receiving HIV care in British Columbia, Canada.

This is who benefits from St. Paul's Lights of Hope

Kidney patients who spend hours hooked up to a dialysis machine and a support group called the DUDES Club will all be feeling a bit more hopeful in 2018.

Vancouver firefighter injured in hose incident caused by alleged drunk driver (St. Paul's Hospital)

A Vancouver firefighter is recovering from significant lower body injuries after becoming entangled in a fire hose that was being dragged by a car on the Downtown Eastside.

St. Paul’s Hospital ‘Lights of Hope’ display raises $3.1M

The St. Paul’s Foundation is close to wrapping up its annual Lights of Hope display, and the fundraiser has collected $3.1 million.

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