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Island Health opts to move Comox hospice beds to secular facility

Comox Valley residents who want access to medical assistance in dying are celebrating a decision to move the region’s hospice beds into a secular space.

Canadian Government Must Make It Easier To Study Cannabis, Say Researchers (BC Centre on Substance Use)

The Canadian government must make it easier to study cannabis, say the country’s top cannabis academics and public health researchers in an open letter to politicians.

Researchers behind dispensary users study want to know how, when, where, and why you buy cannabis (Dr. M-J Milloy)

While the amount of data about cannabis and its various applications has been on the rise, information about the people who use it hasn't quite seen the same level of growth.

Vancouver proposes to bisect Strathcona Park with big road (The new St. Paul's)

In the 1960s and early ’70s, Strathcona residents bitterly fought the City of Vancouver over a freeway that would have sliced up Union Street all the way to Burnaby.

'I can still clearly hear his screams': Medically assisted dying access questioned

Jan Lackie says her 84-year-old father suffered excruciating pain on his last day of life despite his pleas for a medically assisted death and new legislation giving him the right to die.

Friends, family rally for McFarland

Margaret McFarland can’t blink back the tears when talking about her young sister, Michelle Oyer of Kamloops.

Worried about access to assisted dying, group seeks more secular care in Comox Valley

A group of residents is calling for secular long-term and hospice care in the Comox Valley, since medical assistance in dying has been denied at faith-based facilities.

Opinion: New government can take immediate steps to address province’s drug crisis (Dr. Evan Wood)

Ambulances criss-cross urban areas responding to overdose calls. City morgues are unable to accommodate the number of citizens lost to toxic drugs. A prominent journalist who covers the gangsters in control of the lucrative illicit drug trade is threatened with death.

City report reveals plan for hotel and conference centre on Downtown Eastside hospital site

The development of a new hospital and health-care campus in the Downtown Eastside could have far-reaching ramifications on the neighbourhood.

What gay trans guys wish their doctors knew (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

Speaking to gay and bisexual trans men, the word “invisibility” comes up a lot. Invisibility in the bathhouse and on dating apps, invisibility among cisgender people, straight people, trans people and gay people. And, too often, invisibility in the doctor’s office. 

Battling a fentanyl crisis, B.C. quietly expands access to clean drugs that addicts can substitute for heroin (Crosstown Clinic)

The Portland Hotel Society (PHS) has quietly forged ahead with a lifesaving but controversial tool that could help alleviate Vancouver’s fentanyl crisis.

The case for prescription heroin

Vancouver gives heroin to drug users suffering from addiction — and it works.

Weekend Poll: Are you prepared to care for your aging parents?

This week, we heard from Aaron Craven, a local Vancouver man whose mom was admitted to St. Paul’s Hospital this week to stabilize her Alzheimer’s medication.

B.C. political uncertainty causing concern for overdose victim’s mom (BC Centre on Substance Use)

A British Columbian mother whose son died from a fentanyl overdose is watching the province’s political uncertainty with some unease since the May 9 razor-thin election.

St. Paul's Hospital addressing ‘brutal lack of dignity’ allegation in treating Alzheimer’s patient

Health officials are investigating after a Vancouver man alleges his 78-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s was roughed up by St. Paul’s Hospital security and left crying and bruised this week.

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