The New St. Paul's

St. Paul’s Hospital is a treasured provincial medical resource, known for providing trail-blazing care for British Columbians with complex health issues. From humble beginnings, we are now poised to help reimagine the future of health care to better meet the needs of British Columbians.

The vision for the future

Providence Health Care, the entity that owns and operates St. Paul’s Hospital, has a bold vision to develop a new St. Paul’s hospital and health campus to transform the future of health care for British Columbians.

The new St. Paul’s will be the most innovative approach to the delivery of integrated care in BC and Canada, designed to appropriately address the future health needs of patients, families and our communities. From hospital care to primary and community health solutions, the new St. Paul’s will continue to lead innovations in care, research and teaching. To learn more, please visit

Planning integrated hospital and community care with patients’ needs at the centre

The vision for the new world-class care, research and teaching hospital and integrated health campus – to be located in Vancouver’s False Creek Flats area on Station Street, less than three kilometres away from the current hospital site on Burrard Street – is to ensure that the right level and quality of care is offered to each person by the appropriate provider, and at the appropriate location and time.

Providence Health Care sees this reimaging of St. Paul’s as a catalyst for helping realize the BC Ministry of Health’s vision of providing hospital, outpatient and community care for all. The new hospital will be connected and integrated with a number of primary care, community services and support programs, both on the Station Street health campus and in the broader community in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health and other providers.

By combining critical, emergency and acute hospital-based care with community and primary care, the new St. Paul’s will provide state-of-the-art treatment and new specialized services across the spectrum of care for patients – at home, in the community or in the hospital - wherever their needs are best met.

The new St. Paul’s will have systems that determine which patients require hospital care, and which require primary, community or other specialist care or supports. The integrated programs and services across the campus will streamline access to care, so that patients can move seamlessly from one level of care to another – from hospital to community to home - as their health requires. This integrated model will also result in reduced wait times, better patient health outcomes, and a better experience for our patients and their families.

Provincial academic health science centre with state-of-the-art facilities and technology

The new St. Paul's hospital will continue as one of British Columbia’s two most specialized hospitals for adults and as an academic health sciences centre – a globally renowned care, research and teaching hospital that ensures excellence in acute, emergency and critical care. It will also be at the centre of a network of new and existing dedicated primary and community care services in the region, including services for the West End.

It will continue to have a patient and family-centred philosophy of care and focus on helping the most vulnerable patient populations: those with HIV/AIDS, those suffering from mental health, addiction and other complex urban health issues, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses associated with aging and end of life issues, and critically ill British Columbians with heart, lung and kidney conditions.

The new St. Paul’s Hospital will offer British Columbians access to a purpose built, modern facility. Imagine the most cutting-edge technology, architecture and materials that will help offer the best possible medical facilities to all British Columbians, while attracting even more of the world’s most caring staff and the finest health professionals and researchers.

Potential features of the new St. Paul’s Hospital and health campus at Station Street

Acute care hospital

  • Provincial and highly specialized (termed “tertiary/quaternary”) programs such as heart, lung, cardiac, renal care, HIV/AIDS, specialized and complex surgical services
  • High percentage of single-patient rooms to minimize infections and maximize privacy
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Brand new technologies and state-of-the art care-delivery spaces
  • Integrated care, research and teaching

Integrated health services on the St. Paul’s health campus

  • 24/7 primary care services
  • Chronic disease management services
  • Mental health and addictions beds and programs
  • On-site seniors services and transitional care beds
  • Ambulatory services and outpatient clinics
  • A low-risk birthing centre
  • End-of-life care
  • Community outreach programs
  • Integrated care, research and teaching


Providence Health Care is working closely with physicians, researchers and other staff and care providers across Providence, community and patient groups throughout the province, as well as the BC Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health, the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation and the City of Vancouver on planning for the new St. Paul’s. Planning will incorporate the latest data plus best practices in health care delivery and technological innovation and in infrastructure planning and redevelopment.

Throughout the life of the project, we will also rely upon important feedback from the patients and the local communities we serve, as well as our care providers, researchers and other key stakeholders, to inform planning. There will be numerous engagement opportunities to share ideas and help shape the plans during every phase of planning.

At this stage in the project, planning is focused on the development of a business plan to be submitted to the provincial government next fall. We’re currently in the first major part of this work: developing an academic clinical services plan for the new St. Paul’s.

Clinical planning involves identifying current care being delivered by the current hospital to our patients, what their future health needs will be, which new clinical programs and services should be established at the new St. Paul’s, and how best to integrate new solutions into the broader community and primary care networks. To do this, we’ve been working closely with our staff, clinicians, researchers and other health care partners and gathering input from patient representatives, the community and other stakeholder groups.

In the coming weeks we will be working with residents, neighbourhoods, Vancouver Coastal Health and the City of Vancouver to hold extensive stakeholder consultations on how the new St. Paul’s can help to best to meet the health care needs of British Columbians.

Starting in February and continuing into March, Providence Health Care will host a series of community forums open to the public and stakeholder groups to discuss the new St. Paul’s hospital and health campus and health services in your neighbourhood. We welcome you to attend and share your ideas with us.


Our goal is to keep you informed and engaged throughout the different phases of the project. We are developing a new website that will have more comprehensive information about the new St. Paul’s redevelopment and more ways for you to share your thoughts on the project.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear from you. Please send us your ideas or questions to:


On April 13, 2015, Providence Health Care held a media conference and announced plans for a new St. Paul’s Hospital and health care campus. The complete media kit from the announcement, including the media release, slides and a video is available here.

Station Street Concept Video

* This video is only a previous conceptualization of what a potential future redevelopment could look like at the Station Street site. The designs and concepts are not to be considered as final. The visuals are for illustrative purposes only, to see how a facility could be integrated into the Station Street site neighbourhood.


PDF Press Release - August 26, 2015
PDF Press Release - April 13, 2015
PDF Burrard Street Site and Station Street Site Comparison 
PDF Visits to St. Paul’s Hospital by Patient Origin
PDF Station Street Concept Video Broadcast Quality Version (MP4, 149MB)
PPT News Conference Technical Briefing Slides (PPT, 37.6MB)
PDF News Conference Technical Briefing Slides (PDF, 3.7MB)

Previous Concept Plan

By way of background, this is the previous concept plan for the envisioning of St. Paul’s renewal on its current site. For many reasons including cost, construction time, and limited land space, this concept plan will be revised and replaced with a new plan for the Station Street site once consultations are completed.

PDF 2013 St. Paul's Concept Plan Table of Contents
PDF 2013 St. Paul's Concept Plan
PDF Appendix 1 Concept Plan 120211
PDF Appendix 2 Service Volumes Projections
PDF Appendix 2 Service Volumes Appendix
PDF Appendix 3 Master Plan Executive Summary
PDF Appendix 4 Ambulatory Clinical Service Plan
PDF Appendix 5 Functional Program for Ambulatory Care Centre
PDF Appendix 6 Cost & Funding Analysis 131205
PDF Appendix 6 Funding by Component 131205