Promise Magazine

St. Paul’s Foundation Magazine

Promise, the semi-annual magazine of St. Paul’s Foundation, provides updates and in-depth features on the innovative and world-leading care, research and teaching taking place at St. Paul’s and other Providence Health Care hospitals and residences in British Columbia.

In this latest issue, read about how:

  • PHC is already writing the next chapter in St. Paul’s long, storied history;
  • A research breakthrough in St. Paul’s Sinus Centre could potentially cure chronic rhinosinusitis;
  • St. Paul’s is extending its vision of compassionate care to patients in need around the world;
  • Donors help St. Paul’s create an “ecosystem of funding,” attracting awards and grants for ground-breaking research;
  • And more!

Promise magazine is published twice a year and is available online and in print throughout St. Paul’s Hospital and all other PHC sites. Get your copy today!

View the latest issue here: