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Monday, October 16 - Friday, October 20, 2017


Monday, October 16
0730 Morning Report
UBC Education Room 1555, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0900 General Surgery Pathology Rounds, GI Clinic Conf. Room

1200 Dermatology Noon Rounds:
“Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: Case and Discussion”
Dr. Bez Toosi, Hurlburt Auditorium

Tuesday, October 17
0730 Morning Report
UBC Education Room – Room 1555, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0730 UBC Division of Geriatric Medicine Rounds:
“Bigger Isn't Always Better: NPH”
Dr. Derrick Chan, PGY-4, Conference Room 4/5, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

0800 Pulmonary X-Ray Rounds, 8AB Conf. Room

0800 Combined Neurology-Neurosurgery Rounds, Radiology Library

1200 Allergy and Immunology Noon Rounds:
“Life-Threatening Angioedema Case and Discussion”
Dr. Raymond Mak, Hurlburt Auditorium

1430 Neurology Bedside Sessions, Dr. Kristine Chapman
7 A/B Conference Room - 7114, Prov. Bldg

1500 10C Rounds, 10CD Conf. Room


Wednesday, October 18
0730 Split Morning Report
Senior – Dr. J. Potts
Junior – Dr. M. Spencer
UBC Education Room – Room 1555, Level 1, Prov. Bldg
1200 Adult Congenital Heart Rounds, PACH Service, 5CD Conf. Room

1300 Internal Medicine Academic Half Day for UBC Residents
Room 1500, Level 1, Prov. Bldg


Thursday, October 19
0730 Morning Report
UBC Education Room - 1555, Level, 1 Prov. Bldg

0730 Medical-Surgical GI Rounds, GI Clinic Conf. Room, Level 2, Prov. Bldg

0715 Combined Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery Rounds
Case Review and Discussion: Dr. C. Stranger, HF
0800 Combined Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery Rounds:
*“Using Observational Data to Close the Gap Between Trials and Clinical Practice”
Dr. Peter Noseworthy, Cardiologist in Rochester, Minnesota, University of Toronto
Cullen Family Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Providence Bldg
Host Site: SPH to VGH

1100 Rheumatology Round: “Case of the Week and Topic Review”
Radiology Library

1200 Medicine Grand Round: Infectious Diseases
"Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Serious Infections in Patients Who Inject Drugs"
Dr. Mary Kestler, Clinical Assistant Professor
Divisions of Infectious Diseases
Providence Health Care and University of British Columbia
Cullen Family Theatre, Level 1, Providence Building

1215 Infectious Diseases Round, Conf. Room 7, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

1330 MSI Academic Half Day
Room 1500 – Level 1, Prov. Bldg

1400 Junior CMR Teaching, Dr. S. Pi
Library – Room 1550, Level 1, Prov. Bldg


Friday, October 20
0730 M & M Rounds
Library - Room 1550, Level, 1 Prov. Bldg

1200 Noon Rounds Not Scheduled

1300 Clin. Path Radiology Pulm. Round, Gourlay Conf. Room

1400 MSI Teaching, Dr. S. Pi, CMR
Library – Room 1550, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

Final Resident Evaluation, Library
Room 1550, Level 1, Prov. Bldg

*"This event is an accredited group learning activity as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada”